Comparative Performance Analysis of PBDRR, FSWT, DQRRR, MCRR and DRRS Scheduling Algorithms for Real Time System


In  this paper ,  a comparative performance analysis has been  performed  for  five  recently proposed  scheduling algorithms for real time systems such as Priority Based Dynamic Round Robin(PBDRR),   Fair-Share Scheduling With Weighted Time Slice (FSWT), Multi Cyclic Round Robin (MCRR), Dynamic Quantum With Re-Adjusted Round Robin (DQRRR) and  Dynamic Round Robin And SRTN Algorithm(DRRS) .  A comparison has been made on the basis of different parameters:  Average Turn  around Time,  Average Waiting Time and Number of Context Switches.  Processor Utilization and Time Complexity for all the algorithms have been calculated and  MCRR is observed to be performing better than other algorithms as per our experimental results.

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