Data Diffusion and Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks

P. Balamurugan


A sensor network is a set of small autonomous systems, called sensor nodes which cooperate to solve at least one common problem. Their tasks include the perception of physical parameters. One of the most important applications for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is Data Collection, where sensing data are collected at sensor nodes and forwarded to a central base station for further processing. Since using battery powers and wireless communications, sensor nodes can be very small and easily attached at specified locations without disturbing surrounding environments. In this paper, we review recent advances in this research area. We first highlight the special features of data collection in WSNs. we then discuss issues and prior solutions on the data gathering protocol design and the data dissemination protocol design. Our discussion also covers different protocol for data gathering, which is a critical component for energy efficient data gathering and greatly affects the overall performance of a data collection WSN system.

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