A Metric Framework for Analysis of OOD

Suruchi Mehra


Object oriented design is becoming more popular in software development environment and object oriented design metrics is an essential part of software environment. This study focus on a set of object oriented metrics that can be used to measure the quality of an object oriented design. The metrics for object oriented design focus on measurements that are applied to the class and design characteristics. These measurements permit designers to access the software early in process, making changes that will reduce complexity and improve the continuing capability of the design. Several metrics and metric-tool are presented and evaluated. An experimental study was conducted as an attempt to further validate each metric and increase knowledge about them. We present strategies on how analysis of source code with metrics can be integrated in an ongoing software development project and how metrics can be used as a practical aid in code- and architecture investigations on already developed systems. Metrics do have a practical use and that they to some extent can reflect software systems design quality, such as: complexity of methods/classes, package structure design and the level of abstraction in a system.

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