Sahil Bansal


This paper proposed a new method for image rectification ,it is the process by which the pairs of stereo images of same solid scene taken from different viewpoints in order to produce a pair of “matched epipolar projections” and become parallel to the x-axis of image. A stereo rectified images are helpful for matching algorithms.It restricts that each line parallel to x-axis.The stereo rectification is not unique and actually lead to undesirable distortions. To overcome the drawback of the relative distortion between left image and right image an epipolar line rectification technique is used for point detection and reduce the distortion by minimized the camera rotation angle at each step.By comparative experiments show that the algorithm has an accuracy where other methods fail, namely when the epipolar lines are far from horizontal.
Keywords--- Rectification, stereovision, epipolar, distortion, camera rotation.

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