Kaustubh Bhushan Tripathy


With diversification of systems and their operating environment, sometimes it becomes impossible at the 11th hour to transfer data from one system to another. Due to this limitation often need is felt of transferring data wireless between the two systems not having proper channel for communications. This can be done by implanting or embedding a small BLUETOOTH micro-chip on the pen drive.
This invention would prove fruitful if Bluetooth devices would work on the firmware already present on the chip rather than having the need to connect & identify devices through the software on an operating platform.
However, there would be speed limitations but the technique can at least save us from not having to transfer data at all between the two systems.
The bandwidth at which the two devices are operating can be increased substantially by choosing the right on-board chip of high quality but still should be cost effective.
A future extension of the technique can be implemented over Wi-Fi through a miniature modem as an embedded chip in the storage device itself. Hence a great limitation to communication between devices not operating in the same environment or system can be worked out through this experimental work.
So, by this device we can easily transfer our data directly from pen drive to pen drive or from mobile phone to pen drive without the use of PC or Laptop.

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