A Cloud-based Intrusion Detection Forensic Analysis on Smart Phones

I. Raja


As good mobile phones, so referred to as sensible phones, are becoming plenty of difficult and plenty of powerful to efficiently provide additional functionality problems unit increasing concerning security threats against the sensible phone users. Since sensible phones use constant package style as in PCs, they\'re liable to similar classes of security risks like viruses, Trojans and worms. Throughout this paper, we\'ve got an inclination to propose a cloud based mostly sensible phone-specific intrusion detection and response engine that endlessly performs Associate in nursing in-depth forensics analysis on the sensible phone to find any wrongdoing. Just in case a wrongdoing is detected, the projected engine decides upon and takes optimum response actions to thwart the continued attacks. Despite the machine and storage resource limitations in sensible phone devices, the engine can perform an entire and in-depth analysis on the sensible phone, since all the investigations unit carried out on Associate in nursing emulated device in terribly cloud surroundings.

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