Dr. Latika Kharb


Component-based software development has become one of the preferred streams for developing large and complex systems by integrating prefabricated software components that not only facilitates the process of software development but is also changing the ways for software professionals to develop software applications. Component based software development process is used for making a rapid software product by using fewer resources. Different components are collected and integrated together to form new product, so that the quality of new software product depends upon these components. Since components are the major building blocks for component-based systems, developing high quality components is becoming critical day by day. For generating high quality components, we must pay attention to component testability in order to ensure that the reusable components can not only be tested by component vendors, but also can be easily validated by component users. To ensure quality of overall product, testing of each component is very essential. Therefore, component testability becomes very important research topic in testing component-based systems. This paper discusses the component testability as a quantifiable approach based on a component testability point of view. Some important strategies of component testability are also discussed in this paper. This paper also discusses the different challenges during testing of software components and in the end of paper after considering different testing issues, suggestions to improve component testing strategy is provided.

Keywords: Software components, component testability, quality components, component testing strategy.

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