The Effect of Heat on Processors: A Challenge to Computer Usage in Northern Nigeria Rural Colleges

Barau Nuhu Barnabas Best


Central Processing Unit CPU popularly called “Processor” is termed the brain of the computer. This is where all
processing of information takes place. Processor a very sensitive part and a determinant of what happens. This article runs a study
on how a processor can perform under various degrees of temperature. Nigeria a third world and developing country in West Africa
is situated in the sahara region and do experience very high temperature especially in the northern part. The writer saw this as a
great setback in using computer systems in the country’s rural schools due to inability to acquire special cooling devices, hence
affecting the processors (CPU) negatively. The article sought to proffer solution to this issue as the study was able to review on
Turbo Booster of Intel and AMD processors as kind of processors capable of withstanding various degrees of temperature change.
Experimental test and analysis carried out and possible results are discussed. Recommendations on what schools in the rural areas
of northern Nigeria should do were enumerated.

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