Extensive Experimental Analysis of Image Statistical Measures for Image Processing Appliances

Aqsa Rashid, Muhammad Khurrum Rahim


Focal intention of this paper is to emphasize the appliance of the basic image statics for image restoration, de-blurring, de-noising,
enhancement, edge detection, edge sharpening, finding edge position and many more root level appliances of image processing and computer
vision. For the evaluation and study of restoration, de-blurring and de-noising, some noise molds are discussed and then for the estimation of
the results of statistics, some amount of different types of noise have been added to the image and then the process of filtration is performed
for scrutiny the effect. For scrutiny of enhancement some de-enhanced or low contrast image are used. Some image quality measures i.e.,
Mean Square Error, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio Discussion and conclusions drawn from the experimental results are the comparative study
of these appliances of image processing. This paper provide the detail study of selected appliances of image processing and computer vision
experimentally, evaluate the performance, compare result on literature and give trend what can be done for new and better loom.

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